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  • Nick has never been a criminal or a delinquent. He did not join the mafia even when he worked with Mr Big. He has always been an independent con artist and his hustles were only to buy and resell to make a profit. He was a good hustler because he had many ideas and knew lots of people.

  • Nick, Flash and Finnick met in high school and are the same age, approximately 30 years old.

  • Nick never left his mom during his teens and still went to school. He made it to the end of high school. He was a smart student but his grades were average. He just wanted to get his diploma to please his mom. Being a fox, he knew he wouldn’t get a good and normal job anyway. He had already planned to be a con artist.

  • Nick is in good terms with his mom. She is, of course, not very happy with his activities but she knows it’s difficult to be a fox. She likes to tease him, especially regarding her future grandchildren. She’s very affectionate and is a people lover. She met Judy during the graduation and they got along very well.

  • John Wilde, Nick’s father, died before the ranger scouts episode. It was probably an accident or an illness. He was an optimist and his personality was a little similar to Judy’s. He was a tailor and Nick’s striped tie belonged to him. His dream was to open a shop selling suits for every species but the banks refused to give him a loan. He worked at the market with his wife until his death. Nick often came with his parents and that’s where he learned business.

  • Nick didn’t live under the bridge but was a squatter in the decayed building nearby. Being a fox without a real job, he couldn’t find a decent apartment. Plus, he had lots of space and liked his peace and quiet. The address he wrote in the application was his mother’s.

  • Nick’s Hawaiian shirt was a costume to look like an harmless dad for his con. In reality, he likes smart suits because they remind him of his father and he secretly wants to be respectable. He got to dress in very different styles throughout his con artist career and so did Finnick.

  • Nick is a very outgoing fox, he likes speaking with people (that’s why he knows everybody). He doesn’t mind sharing things from his past as long as he can stay true to his motto “never let them see they got to you”.

  • Nick is not a fighter but a clever diplomat. When diplomacy fails, he will give up and escape when it's possible. He may be a little quick-tempered with his close friends though.

  • Nick really likes cute and adorable things (and people) but he would never admit it. Just think about Finnick’s costume, Bellwether’s wool and the way he’s constantly teasing Judy and Finnick about their cuteness. Of course, he wants to annoy them but I think he likes it nevertheless.


  • Judy entered the academy when she was 24 years old, she couldn’t do it before because the Mammal Inclusion Initiative didn’t exist. In his campaign for the mayor election, Lionheart promised to create it. So, in the meantime, she worked in her parents’ farm.

  • Bonnie and Stu already stopped having children during the carrot festival’s scene. The number of babies in their home never decreased, though, because lots of grandchildren were born after. But still, due to birth control, none of their children got a family as wide as their own.

  • Judy sleeps with bunny soft toys. She bought a fox one after the conference and stuck the fake badge Nick threw away on it. She did this because she was sad and lonely and needed it for comfort.

  • Jack Savage is a comics bunny spy. Judy was a big fan of it when she was a child.


  • The age gap between Nick and Judy is more or less 5 years. Judy is 24 when she began the academy but she stayed there for months, so I think she's 25 in her first day of work. Nick is 30 years old : when Judy tells Nick he’s been a hustler for 20 years, she was rounding off to make her calculation easier. 
  • Nick wants to raise a family in the future (he’s not ready yet) because he likes kits. He had 2 important relationships but they ended badly so now, it’s hard for him to get involved.

  • Judy is not really interested in getting married and having children. She grew with such a big family she doesn’t feel the need. But she’s still young so maybe in the far future ? She had a boyfriend in high school, they remained together for quite a long time but he couldn’t keep up with her dream to be a police officer so they break up by common consent. 

  • Nick drinks a lot of coffee and is not a morning mammal. Judy likes to get up early, she drank coffee once before working until Nick made her promise to never do it again (just imagine a super energetic bunny).

  • Nick and Judy like to wager, loser usually has to pay for meals. They keep using the carrot pen for pranks and occasionally for work.

  • Sometimes, Judy climbs on Nick to reach high spots. She loves to give him unexpected hugs and nudges, she also pulls his tail or tie when he doesn’t want to listen to her. Nick sometimes put his arms, hands or chin between her ears. They do these things because they like messing with each other a lot.

  • Nick likes to say he’s charming and he is usually proud of himself. That doesn’t mean he can’t have doubts sometimes. He’s good at hiding his insecurities with humor and silliness. He likes to be sarcastic but deep inside, he loves Judy’s optimism.

  • Nick and Judy are friends but lots of people like to tease them implying they must be more than that. Judy doesn’t deny it but she’s a little annoyed (work is more important !), Nick likes pretending to be romantically involved. 

  • There is a betting pool at the station and Clawhauser is the one in charge. One of the most popular bet is the one regarding Nick and Judy’s relationship. Nick knows about it but nobody knows he does. He likes interfering with the ongoing bet by giving fake clues.

  • Judy can get flustered easily and she usually acts before thinking. Nick, on the contrary, is not emotional and thinks before doing something but he's more fearful than Judy.

  • Nick likes to tease and flirt for fun but he would be at a loss if Judy takes it seriously. He feels at ease with her because she likes to play too.


  • Chief Bogo is married. Nobody knows anything about Clawhauser’s relationships.

  • Mr Big is not totally a bad guy. Icing people is usually just icing them “literally” but not killing them.

  • Finnick loves his van, he doesn't let anybody else drive it. He probably lives in it, he's a good mechanic and he painted the picture.


  • Mammals in love don’t kiss on the mouth. They display affection nuzzling and licking, they like being scratched. Touching another mammal’s tail is like touching human’s hair. It’s not really inappropriate but some people can hate it. It depends of the species too, especially for those with a very short tail like rabbits for example.

  • Inter-species relationships are not uncommon especially at a young age. But when the time comes to raise a family, mammals tend to choose someone of their species. However, some are considered weird and bad especially when the species are very different or when it’s a pred/prey relationship. 

  • Real guns don’t exist, they use tranquilizers and tasers. Smoking is not a thing either, that’s why “pawpsicles” are so popular. 

  • Cheese and dairy products are very expensive, mothers sell their milk but the production is scarce. Only mice really eat cheese and it’s easier for them because they are very small and don’t need a lot. Other mammals use soy milk to make ice creams for example.

  • Wool is made from the sheep of course, wigs are made from horsehair. Rugs are made with fur but without the skin obviously. It’s very expensive and difficult to find, that’s why Mr Big ordered one from Nick. 

  • Sea mammals are evolved but some can’t live out of their element so they don’t have many contacts. Also, they probably don’t wear clothes. 

  • Tame collars probably exist in other countries. Zootopia in one of the few cities that allows such mammal diversity living together in harmony. 

  • How can elephants and horses put clothes on and use anything is a total mystery. How can rabbits manage to have and take care of so many children too.

  • Some mammals cut their whiskers. Foxes and bunnies have them in real life but in the movie, Stu seems to be the only one with them. Nick has only black spots on his muzzle, probably his whiskers’ roots. Felines keep theirs though, proving that beauty standards vary depending on the species.

  • There is a lot of traffic involving different item sizes. Nick is obviously not the only one using this. I actually think every single Nick’s hustle is based upon that (for example, there is a fanart in which Nick parked Finnick’s van in front of an out of order parking meter, so rodents can park under it in exchange for a little fee).

  • Big animals have to pay more for everything : accommodation, clothes, food, etc... (1 jumbo pop is 15 dollars !). Someone in the fandom had an interesting theory : big animals pay much less taxes to compensate.

  • I like the idea of civilized reptiles living in islands. I think birds are not sentient and that poultry don't exist.

  • Big animals get taller later than small animals during their growth. That's why Judy is not that small compared to the "actuary jaguar" during the carrot festival's school play.


  • Nick was not valedictorian, he managed to have good grades though. He made it to Precinct 1 because of his actions in the Nighthowler’s case.

  • Flash didn’t get a fine. Nick & Judy gave him a warning and told Bogo he helped them during the case.

  • Since the graduation, Nick & Judy are sharing an apartment together with another officer, a wolf, Nick met in the academy. That way, they can afford a greater place than what they had before.

  • Bogo secretly likes Nick but would never admit it. Though he often thinks he’s also really annoying because he would never stop pushing him to the limit. But Bogo is also able to counter attack and Nick is not always the winner. Nick has a file with Bogo’s “inspirational quotes”.

  • Nick loves pulling pranks at the station and giving nicknames to nearly everybody (like Spots for Clawhauser, Stripes for tigers, etc...). He likes playing cards especially poker with his fellow cops and he’s good at it.

  • Judy helped Finnick to find an “honest” job. They get along well and are united against Nick and his annoying way of calling them cute. Finnick likes telling Judy all the stupid things Nick did since high school. Evidently, Judy loves teasing Nick about it...

  •  Judy and Nick keep being in good terms with Mr Big. Judy and Frufru are true friends and Judy loves her goddaughter.

  • Gideon opens a bakery in Zootopia.

  • Gazelle’s concert happened after Bellwether’s arrest, long before Nick’s graduation. Gazelle did it to celebrate the return of the peace in the city. That’s why Nick, Judy, Bogo and Clawhauser are there.

  • Nick & Judy still use Duke Weaselton as an informant even if he hates it. They like to scare him speaking about Mr Big. Judy keeps visiting Mrs Otterton and her family.


Current Residence: France
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite style of art: Pre-Raphaelites
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Ahiru from Princess Tutu
Personal Quote: Maybe tomorrow...


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